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Engineering Science - Engineering

Engineering Science is a multidisciplinary program designed to integrate the sciences with areas of traditional engineering such as research, design and analysis. A core of basic courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry forms the foundation of the curriculum and students are free to choose from a number of electives to pursue their area of interests. Typical areas include but are not limited to fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, operations research, information technology and engineering, dynamical systems, bioengineering, environmental engineering, computational engineering, engineering mathematics and statistics, solid-state devices, materials science, electromagnetic, nano- science, nanotechnology, energy, and optics. Both undergraduate and graduate programs in Engineering Science are offered at the university level.

 While typical undergraduate engineering programs generally focus on the application of established methods to the design and analysis of engineering solutions, undergraduate program in engineering science focuses on the creation and use of more advanced and experimental techniques where standard approaches are inadequate (i.e., development of engineering solutions to contemporary problems in the physical and life sciences by applying fundamental principles). Due to rigorous nature of the academic curriculum, an undergraduate major in engineering science is an honors program at some universities such as the University of Toronto and Pennsylvania State University.